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We are in the market since 1989 - as a family company specializing in the production of building materials. Our products have been developed and patented in our Company. Currently, the following elements for building are being produced: dense-ribbed floors, concrete shuttering tiles and energy saving structural-wall tiles. We also produce elements of acoustic baffles from sawdust concrete - for road building. Our products won in 2000 the "GOLDEN HELMET" - one of the most prestigious awards in the Polish building sector.
Shuttering tiles TECHBUD CC-1
This is a very practical family of universal shuttering tiles applicable for building foundations and walls of cellars in single and multi-family houses. Those concrete elements are also used for building retaining walls, swimming pools, acoustic baffles and fences. This method substitutes the traditional boarding since it saves time and costs (even up to 30%). Such systems are very common in Western countries. Shuttering tiles are applied in all wall-building technologies, both single and multi-layer as well as in houses of frame and wooden construction. Shuttering tiles are placed as dry elements and then the vertical and horizontal locks, which stabilize the construction during the concrete pouring (either by using a pump or manually), are utilised. The system of holes in the tile allows to apply either vertical or horizontal reinforcements - according to the actual requirements. The width of a wall is 25 cm; 10 pieces of tiles are needed for 1 m2.
Dense-ribbed floors TECHBUD 40-60
Beam-tile void slab floors are the floors made from concrete with beam spaced every 40 or 60 cm. Dense-ribbed floors are displacing traditional poured-out wet plates - in the last building seasons. Good price, easy and fast assembling are the reasons that account for the wide-ranging application of those floors in building of single-family houses. Length of beams - up to 6.60 m, construction height - 23 cm. Strength equals 1.5 KN and 3.0 KN for 60 and 40 cm spacing - respectively.
Structural-wall tiles TECHBUD CS-24
Made from sawdust concrete they have sensational coefficient Uo = 0.25. Those fully ecological tiles create a very friendly interior microclimate comparable with the one of wooden houses only. Perlite - used for filling the holes in tiles - constitutes the insulating layer. The ready wall is 40 cm thick and does not require any additional protection from the cold. More than 700 single-family houses and a dozen or so multi-family houses have already been built - with the application of this technology - in Kraków alone.
Acoustic baffles TECHBUD
Our Company produces sound absorbing elements from sawdust concrete for 6 different types of acoustic baffles. The most popular is CS-100-OT - the sound absorbing plate from sawdust concrete - applied in acoustic baffles TECHBUD type I. The structure of a baffle consists of galvanized steel poles spaced from 2 to 6 m apart, concrete plates (8 cm thick) with a decorative surface quality and CS-100-OT plates screwed on the side facing a noise emission. The effectivity of such arrangement is 14 Db. The possibility of selecting colours and patterns of ready baffles is very advantageous (plates are painted by polymer-mineral paints). More than 300,000 m2 of acoustic baffles made in our technology were installed in Poland in recent years (among others: highway A-2 near the POZNAN ring road, the ring roads of Opole and Sochaczew, several railways). You are invited to see the realizations!

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